Jim Pollard

Pollard was the number two option in Minneapolis with George Mikan. Posting 13 ppg and 7 rpg, Pollard was a very big and strong individual back in the 1950s. He played in the first All-Star game in 1951, and then every other one (except 1953) until he retired in 1954. With the exception of 1953, he made the First Team All-NBA (or BAA) team every single year he played. Along with Slater Martin and Mikan, they formed the first dynasty of the NBA. Pollard was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1977, and passed away in 1993.Pollard teamed with George Mikan and Vern Mikkelsen for the Minneapolis Lakers, forming one of the best frontcourts in basketball history. The Lakers won fice NBA titles between 1949 and 1954.

Pollard ended his career after seven seasons in the NBA in 1955. He went on to coach La Salle University men's basketball for three seasons from 1955-1958, compiling a record of 48-28.