Slater Martin

Slater Martin was the point guard on the first NBA Dynasty in Minneapolis. He played alongside two other Laker greats named George Mikan and Jim Pollard. Martin was the man who got the ball to the main contributors. His stats were never really that great, barely averaging over 10 points a game most season, he played a very strong defensive game and could stay on the floor for long amounts of time. He managed to make every all-star team from 1953-1959 and was on the Second All-NBA Team from 1955-1959, some of those years spent with St Louis. He was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame in 1981.Martin was one of the NBA's best defensive players in the 1950's while playing for the George Mikan -led Minneapolis Lakers that won four NBA championships between 1950 and 1954. In 1956 he joined Bob Pettit's St. Louis Hawks and won another NBA title in 1958 but will always be remembered as the man distributing the basketball for that Laker dynasty.